A 'Batch o' Miscellany

This is a portion of a forum post from Simon Geurrier's blog Nothing Tra La La? It's a screenshot because none of the links work anymore, anyway and Mr. Geurrier doesn't seem to have posted there in a few years.  But heaven forbid we ever pass up a chance to post a Benedict Cumberbatch pic no matter how obscure.  The show was recorded in 2008, I believe.  You can check the Works and Awards page here for the Blake's 7 entry.

Speaking of obscure, a pic came over my Tumblr dash, today, of a snapshot of BC taken during the wardrobe stage for Starter for 10, posted by costume designer Charlotte Morris here.  Here's the pic, if you go to her site good luck finding it.  Some Tumblrites are absolutely nifflerish in their ability to seek and find the BC gold:

The pic at top left is from the site, this edit is mine.  "TFBFW" means "Too Fucking Beautiful for Words" just FYI.

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