WHO IS Benedict Cumberbatch?


He is the incredibly savage and cosmically damaged John Harrison/KHAN in Star Trek into Darkness. 


He is the courageous Cambridge physics student Stephen Hawking, diagnosed with a fatal, debilitating  illness and fighting for life and joy in Hawking.

He is William Pitt the Younger, Prime Minister at 24, stealing the movie Amazing Grace from an all-star cast.

Paul Marshall


 He is the creepiest character on film, Paul Marshall in Atonement.

Sherlock Series 3

He is the greatest detective in literature brought alive in modern times in "Sherlock."


The Creature

He is both Doctor Frankenstein and his Creature, in the stage production Frankenstein


Captain Tietjens


He is a man out of time who became an unsung hero for his time, the heartbreaking Christopher Tietjens in "Parade's End."


Martin Crieff

He is a comic genius who gave us Martin Crieff in the BBC radio comedy "Cabin Pressure" and the deadpan perfection of Will Parker in Broken News.


Benedict Timothy Carlton Cumberbatch is an actor possessed, in his 37th year, of an astounding list of accomplishments and performances, nominations and awards in theater, film, radio, television, voice-over and motion-capture.  (His works at the time of this writing can be found here.)

He is also one of the most impossibly, ridiculously, astonishingly photogenic human beings ever rendered in pixels.  The undisputed king of Tumblr,  his image has been reproduced more often than any other single individual.  He was named the "sexiest man in Great Britain" two years running. 

He is also one of the most beloved of actors, generating a cult-like devotion amongst his rabidly loyal fans because of his humanity, accessibility, humility and general air of 10-year-old at a birthday party persona.  He is articulate, brilliant, well-bred if a bit nerd-like, completely charming, courteous and openly displays his affections and emotions seemingly without regard for cameras or possible criticism.

"It was one of those slightly move-y things."
— Benedict Cumberbatch trying to describe a gif of himself as a Zoolander car passenger.

Yet, Benedict Cumberbatch also evinces a simple British reserve of self-respect and an unmistakeable (if unacknowledged by the actor himself) air of the Alpha-male.

And then there is The Voice.  If you have not heard it -  here's one example, check the Playlists for more:  http://youtu.be/1s0LwZpVcmA

Benedict Cumberbatch is "one of the best actors alive:"

"People have asked my why I chose Benedict for this and I would answer that by saying, ‘why not Benedict for everything?’ He is so crazy good. ...
I think Benedict is one of the best actors alive."  JJ Abrams when asked why he cast Benedict Cumberbatch as the villain in Star Trek Into Darkness

Read this article by Caitlin Moran for a fuller picture of who Benedict Cumberbatch is. 

What he isn't is an "overnight success."  He is a man who earned with literal sweat and  tears and blood, with an incredible work ethic and complete dedication to craft, the respect and admiration of his peers and his fans.


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